Our team works with organizations to develop a clear, focused brand strategies that drive distinction. A strong brand can have a profound impact on your business. Great brands increase sales, improve customer loyalty and justify premium prices. However, building a great brand takes more than repetition. It begins with a unique positioning strategy and brand promise. Let our team work with you to find your unique brand voice that drives results.

Creative Communications

Build clear and convincing communications that engage your audiences. Our team has many years of experience developing and executing integrated communication plans. Whether you are looking for a communications strategy – or just wanting help ghostwriting articles, newsletters and blogs – we can help you convey your key messages and captivate your target audience.

Graphic design

Create branding tools that are distinctive and impactful. Even the best marketing plans can fall flat without great creative design. That’s why we partner with Copp Communications, an award-winning creative agency – to bring you the best marketing strategies combined with cutting edge creative. Vellum builds your strategy and Copp helps bring it to life. From brochures and invitations to advertising and digital communications, our team will ensure your organization stands out from the crowd.

Digital marketing

Your website can be your most valuable marketing platform. We’ll help you build an integrated online strategy that attracts key targets, captures attention and drives new leads.   Our experience includes building websites, social media, blogging and digital advertising tools such as re-targeting, geo-targeting, affinity advertising, as well as pay per click ads.