Strategic Marketing Consulting


B2B marketing can play a critical role in the success of any organization. However, strong marketing always begins with great strategy – and that’s what we’re best at. Our team provides marketing strategy consulting to a wide range of organization, helping them find the right markets for their products and services, build awareness, generate leads and close deals. Our strategic marketing services include the following:

Marketing strategy and planning

We’ll help you better understand your target audience, define your unique value proposition and drive promotional activities that convince your targets that you are a perfect match. Our marketing plans are multi-faceted and incorporate best practices in social media, online marketing, advertising and direct marketing.

Go to Market Strategy

Your go to Market strategy defines how your organization is going to reach into the marketplace. It includes identifying your target audience, defining key messages and determining how you will communicate these messages to decision makers.

Market entry and new product Launch strategy

We work with clients to develop and execute product launches. Launching a new product or service can be critical to the overall success of a business. We help companies:

  • understand their target audience
  • understand their competitors and unique differentiators
  • identify the best channels to reach their targets

Content marketing strategy

Today, B2B buyers are 65-90% percent through the decision making process before they reach out to sales – (Forrester research) Whether you are selling software, or professional services or industrial products, B2B buyers have largely already made up their mind before you even know there is a need. This has led to the rise of content marketing – developing articles, videos, thought leadership, blogs and other content that demonstrates the value of your product or service to the market. Our team specializes in content marketing – helping clients build,

Sales enablement

Marketing and Sales need to be aligned. Sales enablement is about Marketing providing the right content at the right time to the B2B sales representative to help them engage prospects during the buyer journey. It is important for both Marketing and Sales to know when the prospect has engaged with the content so that important follow up can occur. Sales can then make sure they provide appropriate additional information or content that the prospect needs to help inform their decision.

Return on Marketing investment

We work with clients to build strategies to maximize their marketing investment. This includes helping identify key marketing goals that align to the overall business. By using a data driven marketing approach to measure we help you continuously improve the performance of your various marketing tactics. Key questions we answer:

  • Are we filling the funnel?
  • Are we converting leads into opportunities?
  • What media channels are working best?
  • Is our Marketing and BD organization utilizing best practices?
  • Do we have the right capacity and the right talent?
  • How well aligned is our marketing and sales team?
  • Do we have metrics tied to our events and programs including sponsorships?
    • What follow-up is in place?