Accelerate your branding through re-targeting

Accelerate your branding through re-targeting

There has been much attention given to all of the amazing technologies that can help SMB increase the number of visitors to their website.   Pretty much every article out there covers the same basic tools – search engine optimization, inbound links, blogging, online advertising and pay per click advertising. The list is long. And thanks to many of these tools SME’s are now more than ever before able to get very specific targets to visit their site. However, there is an additional tool that is usually missing and that I would add to the top of the list but is rarely used and not well known. Re-targeting.

What is re-targeting?

Re-targeting is a type of pay per click advertising designed specifically to target people who have already visited your website.   Let me give you an example.   Imagine you are a distributor of hardware tools such as Makita power drills and hammers to the construction industry. One day a construction worker comes across your site while looking for a cordless power drill.   You have the exact power drill he is looking for available through your online store. All of your planning, hard work and strategizing around your online pay per click advertising has worked. This guy is the perfect target for your business. He pulls out his credit card and enters your online store and just as he’s about to complete the transaction…the phone rings. There’s a problem at the construction site and he must head out immediately. He flips off his computer. For most companies, this hot lead is gone forever.

Wouldn’t it be neat if after a couple of days, our buyer got a reminder about your little company and an invitation to return for another visit. This is what re-targeting is all about.   Retargeting, allows advertisers to reach users that have previously visited or shopped at their website or engaged with an ad campaign. It gives them the ability to track website visitors as they’re off browsing the Internet via a Google cookie and then retarget those users with messages to compel them to return to re-engage.

The beauty of retargeting of remarketing of course is that it not only encourages a return visit but it also starts to establish some brand awareness in the mind of the warm prospect where before they had none.

Where to find Re-targeting services

There are a number of companies out there that specialize in re-targeting. My personal favorite is Google Adwords – they refer to this as Re-Marketing. But there are also a number of smaller businesses that provide similar services.

As a small or medium-sized business you can spend an incredible amount of effort driving qualified prospects to your website. Once they are there, it is critical to make note and regularly remind these prospects of the strength of your business. What better way than to encourage repeat, return visits to your website.

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