• Content Marketing for Software Provider
Case Study

Content Marketing for Software Provider


Illumiti is a leading IT management consulting firm and provider of SAP Software solutions across North America. The firm helps its clients optimize their operations in key areas at the core of their business, by implementing custom-fit software solutions.


As a leading implementer of ERP solutions, Illumiti was looking to develop a digital marketing strategy to attract new leads through their website.


Vellum Marketing worked with Illumiti’s management team to develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy designed to build awareness, attract new leads and nurture leads until ready to buy. This included:

  • Development of key personas
  • Content mapping
  • Content writing
  • Video production
  • Content distribution

As part of this project, Vellum leveraged Hubspot’s Marketing Automation tool to program a series of ongoing pre-programmed communications to nurture new prospects and score new leads for the sales team.


In the first year, Illumiti experienced a 70% year over year increase in website traffic, a 101% increase in LinkedIn followers and generated over 700 new leads – a tenfold increase from prior years. Illumiti has fully embraced marketing automation and rely’s on marketing scoring to support the sales team’s efforts.

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