Influencers, buyers, and the roles they play

Influencers, buyers, and the roles they play

If you want your Content Marketing strategy to succeed, you have to understand your target audience. This goes well beyond simple demographics and drills down to the specific needs, opinions and behaviors of the influencers that will impact the buying decision. In other words, you have to understand the buyer personas of your target audience.

The CMO Council recently released a new piece of research called The Content Connection to Vendor Selection.  It neatly summarizes the key persona of technology buyers.   The research is based on a study of 350 business buyers and the role that people play in the buyers journey. 

In the research six key content personas emerge, each with specific roles and responsibilities within the buying journey but also with different budgets and degrees of authority.   These personas can be grouped into three primary categories of buyers: researchers, influencers and decision makers. 


  • Grazers (32% respondents) consume and summarize content with the clear intention of sharing the intelligence and content with colleagues. They see themselves as helping to facilitate the decision-making process.
  • Hunters /Gatherers (10%) represent the rare type of researcher whose role it is to research and identify content. They do not consume the information to enhance their own insight.


  • Critical contributors (25% respondents) share knowledge and serve as a primary influencer in the buying process. They do not control the budget.
  • Informed influencers (4%) consume content but do not research for it and do not have budget authority

Decision makers:

  • Decision drivers (23%) are the primary decision makers and budget holders who both research and consume content.
  • Authority leaders (6%) consume content and are both primary decision makers and budget holders but do not research or source their own content.

In developing your content marketing strategy it’s up to you to know who the players are, their role in the buying process and craft relevant content accordingly.


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