Content Marketing


Today, B2B buyers are 65-90% percent through the decision making process before they reach out to sales – (Forrester research)

There is a new paradigm in B2B marketing. Today’s buyers are more educated than ever before. Today, everything you want to know is easily accessible. As a result, buying is self-directed not vendor directed. Think about how you buy a computer.  You don’t walk into an electronics store and ask the salesperson to pitch. You go online and read reviews. You visit websites. You watch videos, you talk to your friends on facebook and linkedIn, you read reviews.  By the time you get to the store the only reason you need the salesperson is to bring the computer to the cash register. Most B2B buyers operate in the same way. They enter a sales cycle much later armed with much more information and closer to a decision. Today, whether you are selling software, or professional services or industrial products, B2B buyers have largely already made up their mind before you even know there is a need.

Driving success through content

Our team specializes in content marketing – helping clients build and distribute compelling content that attracts prospects, turns prospects into leads, leads into customers and customers into brand champions.

We help companies build new content in the form of articles, thought leadership, white papers and videos – all designed to drive awareness, differentiate their products and services and converts leads.