Video is an increasingly vital component of today’s content marketing. Great video content cuts through the clutter to deliver sharp, memorable messages.

Whether you’re looking to create professional video testimonials, infomercials, thought leadership videos or more, Vellum can help with:

  • Pre-Production Planning. Crafting the right story is critical to the success of your video, long before the first frame is shot. Working with your team, Vellum guides your pre-production process, from idea generation to creating engaging scripts and storyboards.
  • Production Support. Vellum is there long before the camera starts rolling. Our comprehensive support ensures all the details of your shoot are handled, from shoot-day scheduling to making sure that you’ve captured the necessary footage.
  • Post-Production. Once filming has completed, Vellum guides the editing and post-production process. We work with a team of experts that provide skilled editing, original music, graphics and special effects to create a polished, professional video.