White papers


Is your brand part of the conversation? Thought leadership is a powerful tool to drive business growth and reinforce your position as an industry expert.

Vellum Marketing specializes in the creation of research-based white papers and other long-form thought leadership. We help you tell a captivating story that informs, entertains, and supports your marketing objectives by following a five-step process:

  1. Ideation. Great thought leadership starts from a solid foundation. Once we understand your objectives, we brainstorm with your team to find topical ideas that differentiate you from the competition.
  2. Project management. White paper creation can be a complicated process involving multiple stakeholders. We create a robust project charter and manage the end-to-end process to reduce risk and ensure that both timelines and expectations are met.
  3. Research. Primary or secondary research is a critical component of true thought leadership. We work with you to design or conduct surveys, interview your subject matter experts, and glean critical insights from all sources.
  4. Creative writing. We create a compelling story that showcases your knowledge and insights, while keeping your marketing objectives a critical focus. Our writers match your brand standards and tone, and include clear calls to action.
  5. Final production. A polished, professionally formatted product is a critical for success in the wider market. We ensure that your design is eye-catching, suited to the topic, and reflects the corporate brand.