The Cornerstone of Quality

The Cornerstone of Quality

How to achieve marketing success with limited resources

Today’s content marketers are confronted with two conflicting challenges.

On the one hand, there is increasing pressure to create consistent, high-quality content. Competition is increasing—according to one recent survey, nearly 90% of B2B marketers actively use content marketing. This means that not only is there more content vying for audience attention, but marketplace “noise” is also increasing. Regularly delivering insightful, original and thought-provoking content thus becomes the best route to differentiating offerings and holding audience attention.

Yet, at the same time, content marketers are increasingly tasked to do more with less. Speaking to colleagues and watching industry trends, I’d estimate that a third or more of content marketers have faced budget challenges in recent times, while the majority of us just don’t have the time or bandwidth that we’d want—or need—to create top-notch content.

What’s the solution?

Less is more

In my experience, there are two tactics that can help marketers tasked with meeting an ever-rising bar for content quality with less time and fewer resources.

The first is focusing your resources on fewer, high-quality pieces, or “cornerstone” content. Many marketers spread themselves too thin, filling up their content calendars and then scrambling (and often failing) to create worthwhile pieces. Instead of creating multiple “okay” blogs or articles, focus your attention on something larger and more worthwhile. For example, you could complete a study or conduct a survey, then provide your firm’s unique take on the insights provided as a whitepaper with a series of tie-in blog posts. These types of pieces not only garner attention, but show leadership and expertise that can help your brand stand out in a crowded market.

The second is making sure that you obtain full value from the content you produce. While re-using content has earned a bad reputation from marketers relentlessly spamming their audiences with old pieces, many marketers have let the pendulum swing too far the other way, allowing content to vanish ahead of its time.

Keep in mind: different people in your audience follow you in different ways, and with different levels of engagement. Instead of creating content, releasing it, and then scrambling to create the next piece, take your time and make sure that you promote content in the right way through the right channels to the right audience segments. This helps ensure that you achieve full value for the resources invested.

Time and budget challenges don’t need to be a barrier to quality. With careful use of resources, a focus on creating thought-provoking pieces, and a plan to promote your content to the right audiences, your content marketing can achieve consistent success.


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