Why marketing automation is such a big deal

Why marketing automation is such a big deal

Automation is all the rage in every industry and sector and now it’s hitting marketing departments, too. Simply put, marketing automation refers to a type of software platform that helps marketing departments more effectively connect with their customers and prospects through multiple online channels (email, social, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.  For digital marketers, marketing automation is a game changer, enabling the execution of smart, targeted content strategies on a grand scale.  Some of the big platforms include Marketo, Hubspot and Pareto and include complete integration with an organization’s CRM system.  Even so, many organizations continue to be unconvinced. 

Here are the mission-critical reasons you should dive into marketing automation: 

Improved efficiency:  Marketing automation enables you to roll out many campaigns simultaneously and across multiple platforms in a way that would be impractical if not impossible to do manually.  One person can have big impact.

Sales and Marketing alignment:  Marketing automation brings your sales and marketing functions together under a single integrated platform, increasing communication and transparency between departments. 

Improved customization:   Marketing automation allows you to provide a more customized experience for each prospect by helping determine where each prospect is at in the buying process and serving the right content at the right time. 

Time management: Marketing automation enables you to create content in batches and then schedule individual content to go out at the right time.

Relationship building:  In the B2B world, the buying process can take a long time.  Marketing automation enables you to pre-program ongoing communications to help nurture contacts and convert them into clients.

Consistency:  Marketing automation software brings all of your communication channels together under a single platform, allowing your marketer  to create consistent, integrated, cross-channel marketing campaigns. 

Strategic insights:  Marketing automation tools typically include powerful analytics, empowering you to make smarter decisions across the board.  Marketing is very much about performance improvement and strong analytics are essential to any data-driven marketing strategy.


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